Red Rooster - Farm holidays in South Tyrol

Urlaub in Südtirol
Schattmair Hof in Dorf Tirol - Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof
Hauseigener Kräutergarten
Guests who stay with us do not just have a holiday in a natural setting, they also get to taste some of nature. Our lovingly tended herbal garden is available for all guests.
You are welcome to make use of our own herbs whenever you want to season the dishes you are preparing. Plus, Rosemarie makes her own herbal salt using the herbs that grow here.
Kamillen im Kreutergarten
Camomile is an old medicinal plant which is most often used for stomach and intestine problems, and in the case of inflammation.
Enjoy our country's Mediterranean cuisine. The aromatic herb basil is often used.
Ein versteckter Speisekürbis
Pumpkins are not just useful for decoration. Have you ever tried crème of pumpkin soup? It is delicious!
It is also possible for guests to have a barbecue in the garden.
In summer, your host family offers grill evenings, which are a fun opportunity for everyone to get together. You are also welcome to use the grill equipment whenever you wish for your own personal grill party.